Dr Clare Hazel FRSC, FIFST RFoodSP

Head of PAS

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Dr Clare Hazel is a biochemist with over 30 years’ experience of working on a range of food safety, authenticity and legality issues. Clare provides leadership to the team of almost 50 scientists at Premier Analytical Services who deliver industry leading testing and consultancy services to our broad client base. She has specific expertise in the areas of chemical food safety risk assessment, food authenticity and VACCP. Clare is a member of the FDF Food Safety and Science Steering Group and Emerging Risks Committee, the ILSI Europe Process Contaminant and Natural Toxins Task Force.

Risk Assessment & Consultancy

Dr Sue Patel

Head of Mycotoxins

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Having worked for over 30 years in the increasingly important field of mycotoxins, Sue has developed an international reputation in this key area of food safety management, working with clients across the food supply chain, regulators and academics. Her expertise lies in both the mycotoxin risk assessment of agricultural raw materials and the effects of processing on these mycotoxins and in the development of state of the art analytical methods. Sue sits on both the FAPAS Advisory Committee and the FDF Residue and Contaminants Committee.


Food Testing

Charon Willis

Commercial Manager

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Having an MSc in Food analysis and composition, Charon has a over 25 years of food industry experience including hands-on chemistry analysis, providing advice to laboratories around the world about testing foods, feeds and supplements, quality management and also information provision systems. She will endeavour to find you the best expert to help with food, feed and raw material testing services, or consultant for legal, safety, authenticity, crisis management and issue investigation.   

Andy Walker

Head of Microbiology

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Andy has over 20 year’s experience of applying microbiology within the food industry and has gained a wealth of knowledge in food processes, recipe effects, plant design and environmental controls. He has an unrivalled in depth understanding of all relevant extrinsic and intrinsic parameters as well as typical and atypical manufacturing environments. Andy has experience and expertise working with clients within every sector of the food industry from chilled, frozen, ambient, and fresh produce, as well as developed expertise in using control strategies for these foods and manufacturing environments. Andy is a Fellow of the IFST, as well as sitting on steering groups for FDF Food Hygiene, IFST and Campden BRI. In 2014 Andy was recognised for his contribution to Microbiology by being awarded the FDF Food Scientist of the Year accolade.


Dr Gordon Wiseman FRSC

Molecular Diagnostics Consultant

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Biochemist, Molecular Biologist and Protein Chemist with over 40 years’ experience and the Head of Molecular Diagnostics at PAS. A specialist in quantitative PCR design and analysis, overseeing PAS becoming the first UK laboratory to achieve UKAS accreditation for quantitative GMO analysis. Has managed numerous government funded projects and participated in many consortia involving PCR, food authenticity and quantitative measurement of GMOs. A core member of the DEFRA- Working party on Food Authenticity, Methods sub-committee and the Technical sub-group. A GeMMa proficiency scheme advisory committee member and a Churchill Fellow following his study of the effects of geographical origin and grain morphology on durum wheat authenticity. Gordon is internationally recognised for his work and was awarded FDF Scientist of the Year 2016.

GMO & Authenticity

Dr Mike Jordan FRSC

Vitamins & Food Chemistry Laboratory Manager

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With over 35 years’ experience in food analysis and liquid chromatography, Mike provides unrivalled expertise, advice and support to both manufacturing sites and NPD teams as well as a wide base of international customers. He leads a specialist team of chemists in the analysis of vitamins, food additives and contaminants. Mike begun his career in the field of oils and fats at Leatherhead Food International and continues to work on innovative methods for assessing rancidity and shelf-life of foods.

Vitamins, Minerals & Additives

Dr Colin Hamlet

Contaminants & Taints Laboratory Manager


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With more than 25 year experience and in excess of 60 publications in the field of neo formed contaminants in foods, Colin has an international reputation in this high profile area of food safety, working with regulators, food trade associations, academics and clients across the food supply chain. His expertise lies in the formation and mitigation of neo formed contaminants, risk assessments and the development and validation of analytical methods for their quantification. Colin has contributed to/participated in numerous projects/publications/initiatives concerning neo formed contaminants on behalf of the European Commission, the UK Food Standards Agency, Food Drink Europe, The UK Food and Drink Federation and International Life Sciences Institute (Europe). He also manages the food taints / food contact materials test facility at PAS with particular reference to migrants from food contact materials and their management. Colin is a member of the Editorial board of several peer reviewed Scientific Journals and a frequent manuscript reviewer.

Contaminants & Taints

Warren Jackson

Nutrition & Metals Laboratory Manager


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Warren leads our extensive nutrition team, as well as labelling and minerals. With over 25 years of experience within food analytical chemistry, 20 of these years within the PAS team. Warren is the PAS expert in ensuring compliance requirements for nutrition testing are met for both UK/EU products and overseas markets. Warren has extensive experience in method development with PAS specifically focussing on HPLC, GCMS and ICP-OES amongst others.

Nutrition & Food Chemistry

Gethin Humphreys

Research Microbiology Manager


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Gethin has over 20 years of experience within research microbiology, with 16 years of these within PAS supporting the food industry. Gethin leads a team of specialist microbiologists who conduct bespoke and tailored testing programmes in response to product issues, NPD and manufacturing process issues as well as designing proactive shelf life testing experiments for products throughout chilled, frozen, ambient and fresh produce categories. Gethin holds numerous degrees and qualifications in Microbiology as well as being member of the IFST.


Ben Baxter

Allergens & Molecular Diagnostics Manager

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Ben joined PAS (then RHM Technology) over 20 years ago from one of Premier Food’s manufacturing sites. He has a degree in Chemistry and during his career has developed extensive knowledge and expertise in many areas including DNA and protein base testing (particularly allergens).

In addition, Ben can offer in-depth advice on taints, odours, trace contaminants and nutritional testing.

Ben is responsible for extending the scope of the PAS’ testing capabilities through advanced innovation to aid the food industry.


Foreign Body Investigations & Microscopy

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PAS operates a specialist team of Microscopists, with a combined experience of over 75 years within Investigation Microscopy, Foreign Bodies and Issue Resolution. Our laboratory is the unrivalled in its innovation and technical expertise, especially regarding Foreign Body Investigations where we currently offer 32 methods accredited by UKAS to the ISO 17025 standard.

Foreign Body Investigations & Microscopy

John Lee

Regulatory Specialist

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John has over 40 years’ experience of working in the food industry on a wide range of food safety, quality, regulatory, labelling and innovation issues. He has specific expertise covering many areas of UK and EU food legislation including labelling, nutrition and health claims, food composition standards, food improvement agents (additives, flavourings and enzymes), contaminants and food packaging materials. John is a member of the FDF Food Ingredients Committee.

Risk Assessment & Consultancy

Eva Hruskova

Quality Manager

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Eva is the Quality Manager for the PAS Laboratories, having previously spent over 6 years within quality assurance and control. Eva holds responsibility for the management and improvement, where possible, of our strict Quality Management System. This is done through coordination of internal auditing, external regulatory audits, non-conformance management and corrective/preventative actions. Eva ensures, through our proactive approach, that PAS upholds the highest quality standards throughout our eight laboratories. Eva is our main UKAS representative, continuously upholding and improving our UKAS accreditation scope and schedule.


Join the Team

Join the Team

PAS can offer a wide range of employment opportunities across our numerous laboratories, with disciplines including Chemistry, Microbiology, Bioanalytical Chemistry and Microscopy.

Our laboratories operate at the heart of the UK food industry and enable our employees to get involved in routine testing, method development and innovative research.

We are always happy to receive details of suitably qualified individuals so if you think that PAS might be the place for you then get in touch!