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Premier Analytical Services is a leading food testing centre internationally respected for providing high quality analytical services to the food industry

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Premier Analytical Services now operates at the heart of The Premier Foods Group, the UK's leading food producer. We have now developed into one of the most respected food testing centres in Europe by providing these specialist services, on a strictl...

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Premier Analytical Services, The Lord Rank Centre, Lincoln Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP12 3QS, United Kingdom, Tel: +44 (0)1494 526191

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Food Authenticity Services
Premier Analytical Services is at the forefront of specialist analysis and has developed unique and highly sophisticated techniques to prove the authenticity of foods and ingredients. Premier Analytical Services has over 30 years experience in valida...

Food Composition Services
The Science Team at Premier Analytical Services is world-class and multidisciplinary, offering an extensive range of expertise which covers both contract laboratory services and research work. We offer a wide range of food composition services

Food Safety Services
The Food Safety service offered by Premier Analytical Services is one of the most extensive in the UK. We offer exemplary quality at competitive prices

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Premier Analytical Services is a leader in food analysis, promoting excellence in all its activities. Our comprehensive Quality System, with associated procedures and test methods holds UKAS accreditation

Premier Analytical Services offers a wide range of employment opportunities. Our laboratories employ scientists and technicians from many disciplines including Chemistry, Microbiology, Bioanalytical Chemistry and Microscopy

Premier Analytical Services is enthusiastic in offering our unique range of high quality services to new and existing clients. Our in depth knowledge of the pressures and requirements of the food industry, allows us to optimise our services to best m...

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The sitemap page lists links to all the pages in the Premier Analytical Services website

GM Determination
The presence of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in foods remains a major issue for consumers. European Union (EU) regulations have been designed to ensure that the consumers’ right to choose what they eat is facilitated by full and frank ingr...

Meat Authenticity
As a result of our on-going research programme Premier Analytical Services can now offer a range of diagnostic PCR tests to detect the adulteration of meat based ingredients and meat products with undeclared or cheaper meats

Comprehensive Vitamins and Minerals Service
Fortified food products are becoming increasingly popular with consumers as they become more conscious about the relationship between their diet and health. With newer, tighter legislation and restrictions being introduced by the EU, food manufacture...

Comprehensive Nutrition Service
Today's consumers are increasingly interested in what they eat and require information that is accurate and easy to understand. It is advisable in all circumstances, and a legal requirement in some, for food manufacturers to exploit the

Investigative Microscopy
Appearance and texture of foods are key in consumer preference. These are governed by the food’s structure. Microscopical examination allows food structures to be visualised and thereby gives valuable information regarding the roles of the various ...

It is estimated that one in three of the total UK population (almost 20 million) will develop an allergy at some point in their lives). Potential causes include food, insect bites, drugs and latex. A food allergy is an immune system response to a foo...

Chemical Contaminants Detection Services
Many raw materials used in food manufacture and final food products are at risk of contamination by hazardous chemicals. These can arise in foods by several different mechanisms

Food Additives Service
Premier Analytical Services - Food Additives Service

Food and Packaging Taints
Off flavours and taints may arise from many sources: flooring materials, adjacent production areas, cleaning agents, building and maintenance procedures, microbial contamination, migration from packaging, raw material contamination, inappropriate shi...

Food Safety Consultancy Services
In modern food manufacture and retailing it is quite impossible, no matter how well managed a company may be, to ensure that there will never be a defective product sold to the public

Foreign Body Identification
Horror stories concerning the discovery of foreign bodies in food are common. Everybody has had a bad experience or knows someone who has. The potential for damage to brand reputation is enormous, as is the potential for involvement in expensive liti...

Microbial Shelf Life Assurance Testing
Pathogen Survival, Toxigenic Growth, Microbial Spoilage, Cascade Effects, Intrinsic Stability, Hurdle Technology, Extrinsic Effect, Predictive Modelling and Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment. Microbial Shelf Life Assurance Testing by Premier Ana...

DNA testing Programmes
DNA testing Programmes

Bacillus Toxin (Cereulide) Testing
cereulide, valinomycin,bacillus cereus

Dr Gordon Wiseman Wins FDF Food Scientist of the year 2016
FDF Food authenticity Durum wheat authenticity

Mandatory Format of Nutrition Labelling
Information must be declared per 100g 0r 100ml of the food. Or per portion, with the number of portions in a pack listed.

Complete Mycotoxin Service
If you are involved in the Food or Feed Industries you need to know that mycotoxins are amongst the most toxic compounds that can occur in foods. In terms of implications for human health and the economy, they are by far the most important contaminan...

The occurrence of chloropropanols in foodstuffs, drinking water and food contact materials has aroused considerable food safety concerns in recent years. Premier Analytical Services recognised the serious implications involved with this group of trac...

Water Activity (aw) in Food - A Key Intrinsic
It is essential to establish a product's intrinsic values as part of a risk assessment for HACCP as well as shelf life and preservative level determinations. A key intrinsic is Water Activity (aw)

Some Principles of Due Diligence
Some Principles of "Due Diligence". Extracted from Butterworths Law of Food & Drugs published by Butterworths & reproduced by permission of The Butterworths Division of Reed Elsevier (UK) Limited

Recommendations and Guidelines for Submission of Foreign Body Samples
Analyses are performed both on the foreign body itself and any surface deposits. It is advantageous, that the sample is handled as little as possible prior to analysis, as previous handling and testing can alter the evidence present. Information rega...

Illegal Dye Testing
sudan dyes,illegal dyes,chilli, paprika,illegal colours

Melamine Testing
Melamine Testing

Bacterial Toxins
Bacillus Toxin Cereulide

Acrylamide Testing
Acrylamide Testing